I usually recommend booking at least one day of recording for each song you'd like to record, but this is obviously project dependant and can differ from band to band depending on the complexity of the arrangement and instrumentation. 

Recording: £150 per day
Mixing: £75 per day

For mixing, I recommend booking a day for the first song and half a day for every song after that. This again can vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Mastering: £25 per song (or free if included with recording & mixing)
Remote Drum Tracking: Project Dependant

As songs can differ so much in complexity, drumming rates may vary a lot from project to project. Hit me up with some info about the songs and we can sort it out!

If you have strict budget requirements for your EP or album let me know and we'll work to work around what you can afford - I know being in a band isn't always easy!